Reliable service of process, when and where you need it.


Standard Service of Process

$65.00 – Our server will make a first attempt to deliver process within 3 days. If service is not completed on the first attempt, we will attempt service at the same address two (2) additional times (3 attempts).

Additional Address Attempt

$59.00 – With an Additional Address Attempt, our server will attempt service at the second address provided in the same manner as Standard Service of Process.

Rush Delivery

$50.00 (respectively) – With Rush Delivery, our server will make the first attempt to serve process within 24 hours of your order/payment. Rush delivery fees are in addition to the standard delivery fee.

Excess Document Printing

$0.25/page (in excess of 25 pages) – Orders received containing more than 25 documents will be charged an Excess Document Printing fee. We will notify you in advance on your invoice.

Service of process, made easy.

Our dedicated team of process servers are standing by to take your order.